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We Follow a Stringent Discipline in Knowing Your Recruitment Requirements:

  1. Assess your resource requirements, based on the service line and business unit.
  2. Set the resource benchmarks.
  3. Design the recruitment solution strategy.
  4. Develop a resource acquisition model.
  5. Acquire, filter and monitor the resources in aligning to your business needs.
  6. Drive selection procedures.
  7. Select the candidate.

We are driven by the belief that every FMCG/RETAIL organization’s needs are different and dynamic in nature. Our service outcomes ensure mitigation of revenue and billing losses and reduce your overall talent acquisition costs.

We have developed quality resource planning and sourcing expertise with the special focus on the FMCG/RETAIL sector; our sourcing enablers include industry-recognized job portals, FMCG/RETAIL business networks, & FMCG/RETAIL focussed print and electronic media.

We, at blue bay consulting, would like to your preferred partner and advisor in overcoming your recruitment challenges. The scale of benefits we can offer include a tangible and measurable value in providing quality talent that can meet your exacting needs.

For a candidate, Bluebay is a right platform to find the desired FMCG/RETAIL job.Bluebay has empaneled with only FMCG/RETAIL companies across India and avails jobs from sales and marketing from FMCG/RETAIL industry only to candidates.Jobs at various hierarchical level can be found.

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