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Fashion Retail Jobs In Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai

If you are a hipster and love to work outside of the cultural mainstream than Fashion Retails Market is waiting for you to join for sharpening your skills, talent with promising future is right up your catwalk. Fashion Retail Industry is a multi-billion dollar global enterprise devoted to the enthusiastic people and offering more than making & selling clothes as well as other items.

The fashion industry has rapidly changed from the by-gone era and this is the product of modern age. Therefore, if you are many of them considering to step-in fashion retail jobs industry this is the right time with Blubay consulting you can fulfill all your dreams with a promising future.

What will I do there?

Just like a fashionista, here are many jobs in fashion retail jobs sector as boundless as the ocean. Moreover, you can start from the shop in sale assistant role behind the stage you can work in the warehouse or complete freedom to decide what should be stocked first for buying or branding.

However, your job profile in the fashion retail will depend on several aspects. If you are working in store then your job responsibilities will include:

  1. Displaying items and clothing’s. 
  2. Friendly and quickly responsive to customers.
  3. Dealing with all issues, complaints and queries. 
  4. Storing the stock, ordering and managing the purchase.
  5. Helping with promotions of items and deliveries.
  6. Managing the staff as well as motivating the people on the floor.
  7. Advising and suggestions to management.

Moreover, jobs in head office such as a buyer or merchandiser have to take charge of following aspects:

  1. Selecting newly arrived items meantime reviewing the old products.
  2. Seeking and maintaining the relationship with potential suppliers.
  3. Negotiating the price and ensuring delivery at right time.
  4. New emphatic ideas to senior management & stock control.
  5. Budgeting and attending the trade events. 
  6. Promoting and scoring feedback from clients.
  7. Supporting the production and designing team.

Below are the Job Vacancies in Retail Company Found on Bluebay Consulting.

  1. Electronic Retail Jobs
  2. Retail Executive Jobs
  3. Retail Sales Jobs
  4. Store Manager Retail Jobs

If Positions you are looking for not mentioned above please upload here Quick CV Upload.

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