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Bluebay updates

  • Bluebay empaneled 15 well known FMCG companies in 2013

    Bluebay Consulting Services empaneled 15 FMCG companies in the year 2013 providing manpower for sales and marketing sector.

    The consultant closed more than 50 positions from promoters to Regional Sales Manager across India.

    Candidates data base in FMCG  is increasing from the year 2009 and candidates are finding Bluebay as an easy path way to find desired openings in FMCG.

    2014-05-11 23:41:18
  • Bluebay empaneled 15 well known RETAIL companies in 2013

    Bluebay empaneled more than 15 RETAIL companies in 2013.Bluebay closed close to 50 positions in front end sales from a fashion assistant to store Manager.

    Bluebay is targetting above 30 clients to make a easier pathway to candidates to choose a right opening suiting their career and help their career advancement.


    2014-05-11 23:45:21
  • Bluebay hiring free lance recruiters for retail industry recruitment

    Bluebay is looking for freelance recruiters to close the vast retail positions.

    The candidate has to be from a retail background having a vast data base from retail.

    2014-05-11 23:51:10
  • Bluebay is providing jobs in Nuance group India Pvt Ltd(Retail)



    2014-05-11 23:52:58
  • Bluebay is hiring for retail stores across Bangalore for apparel/chocolates/home interior products.

    2014-05-11 23:55:03
  • Bluebay is hiring for supervisor and Store Manager position for retail outlets in Bangalore

    2014-05-11 23:56:09

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