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About us

We have created a dynamic framework of talent sourcing and acquisition strategies which spans from candidate screening to selection. While you focus on your core competencies and workforce planning, we can align with your processes and objectives and focus on building a pool of resources exclusively meant for meet your short term and long term manpower needs. This would quickly help you fulfill and meet your resource acquisition targets for your service lines and business units.

Our Objective

We aim at building strategic alliances with our clients and build a proactive resource fulfillment model that would help build ready to onboard resource databases, thus reducing time to identify, onboard and align the right candidates to the organization.

We have proven expertise in meeting client specifications on resource competency accuracies and profiles; this has brought a quality impact in our clientele efforts ineffective bench management and deployment efforts. We are also keen to continuously improve and evolve to meet your ongoing and futuristic recruitment challenges.

Our Vision

At Bluebay consulting, we want to be your recruitment solution partner of choice in overcoming your recruitment challenges and be a part of your vision and a quest for optimal service delivery excellence.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be agile and accountable, enable integrity in the resources we provide and facilitate value through effective collaboration.

We Follow a Stringent Discipline in Knowing Your Recruitment Requirements:

  1. Assess your resource requirements, based on the service line and business unit.
  2. Set the resource benchmarks.
  3. Design the recruitment solution strategy.
  4. Develop a resource acquisition model.
  5. Acquire, filter and monitor the resources in aligning to your business needs.
  6. Drive selection procedures.
  7. Select the candidate.

We are driven by the belief that every FMCG organization’s needs are different and dynamic in nature. Our service outcomes ensure mitigation of revenue and billing losses and reduce your overall talent acquisition costs. We have developed quality resource planning and sourcing expertise with the special focus on the Retail sector; our sourcing enablers include industry-recognized job portals, FMCG or RETAIL business networks, & FMCG focussed print and electronic media.

We, at blue bay consulting, would like to your preferred partner and advisor in overcoming your recruitment challenges. The scale of benefits we can offer include the tangible and measurable value in providing quality talent that can meet your exacting needs.

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